Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison - 1: Stolen Summer, 2006  2: Mourning Cloak II, 2006   3: Mourning Cloak II (detail), 2006  4: Mourning Cloak from Gray Dawn series, 2006     Photography


Against the Infinite - Crazy Three Dimensional Art by AJ Fosik

You might recognize AJ Fosik as the artist responsible for the cover of Mastodon's 2011 record The Hunter. These pictures are from his solo exhibition “Against the Infinite” currently running until December 21 at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. The coup de grâce of the show is a collection of 30 animal heads on diamond-shaped panels that can be combined to form a giant 30-sided shape called a rhombic triacontahedron.

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#1000doilies: @lisasolomon and the Crocheters of Instagram

To see more photos and videos from the 1000 Doilies project in the making, browse the #1000doilies, #inmystudio1000 and #lisasolomonsen hashtags and the Fouladi Projects location page.

When Lisa Solomon (@lisasolomon) had the idea to create 1000 doilies made from 100 colors of thread, she soon realised this wasn’t a one-woman feat.

Enlisting the help of 49 crocheting Instagrammers across the world, Lisa managed to create a collaborative art piece, now on display at the Fouladi Projects gallery in San Francisco, California, until 21 December, 2013.

"As an artist I have found that Instagram is an amazing way to share little snippets from the studio," Lisa says. "It’s really great to get immediate feedback and to document the process of art being made. So often we see the final results of an artist’s work, but on Instagram we get a behind-the-scenes look."

Born to a Japanese mother, Lisa began to research the number 1000, which has a resonance in the country’s culture and history. The show also includes drawings of 1000 cherry trees and Senninbari–good luck belts made with 1000 French knots. A common theme in the exhibition is the idea of lifting common handicraft to the realm of fine art through repetition.

Out of every 10 doilies displayed, one has dangling threads to show the toil of the process, and those Instagramming their creations have also shared their crafting stories on the #1000doilies hashtag.

To see more behind the scenes of the #1000doilies exhibition, follow these crocheters on Instagram:

  • Crocheting pastels with Catherine Lewin, Belgium – @petitepimprenelle
  • Home-cooking and farmlife from Kate Ulman, Australia – @foxslane
  • Blair Stoker, quilt-maker and author of a book about handmade projects in Seattle, United States – @blairs
  • Flowers and quilts from Grace Sharp, New Zealand – @chainofdaisies
  • In the artist’s studio with Janise Munro and Elaine Haby, Australia – @gracialouise
  • Family life with Cyndi Monaghan in Maryland, United States – @elf_girl
  • Ellie Beck, tea and craft from Australia – @petalplum
  • Lisa Duran, United States – @sparrowsandsuch


Amazing new insect and animal assemblages made from car and bike parts by Edouard Martinet.


Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae OST Soushoku - Sabireta Machi


Prosperity by Caroline Cheng


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Corpse Bride behind the camera

this will always be the most incredible type of film making to me

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Chrissie Macdonald,'The Haunting', New York Times Magazine. 
How Asian horror films put the fear back into America’s scary movies.
Photography by John Short


Chrissie Macdonald,'The Haunting', New York Times Magazine

How Asian horror films put the fear back into America’s scary movies.

Photography by John Short

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